Black Mustard Seeds

Rs. 30.00 – Rs. 40.00 / Kilogram



Total Fat

36 g/100gms


13 mg/100gms


738 mg/100gms

Total Carbohydrate

28 g/100gms


26 g /100gms

Min. Order Quantity

19 Ton

Black mustard seeds are a popular spice in an Indian household and are obtained from the black mustard plant. The seeds have a very pungent flavor and spicy aroma. Therefore, it is used to flavor the mustard condiment. The Black mustard seed and the oil obtained from the black mustard seeds are used for making medicine. The spice also provides for health benefits like increasing appetite, etc. The presence of the seed in culinary and medicinal use dates back to 500 BC. Black mustard seeds are also used for the preparation of vegetables, curries, lentil soups, etc to add a spicy aroma and sweet flavor.

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