Indian Pulses

Indian pulses cover a wide variety of pulses like Chana Dal, Split Bengal Gram, Masoor Dal, etc. Indian pulses are available in mainly three different varieties such as the whole, spilt, and skin pulses. These pulses are full of nutritional value and provide tons of health benefits. Due to the presence of protein, fiber, mineral, etc, help in maintaining good health and well- being.

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We provide organic products obtained from certified farmers for product assurance. Our whole green Moong dal is very popular

Whole Green Moong Dal

Type : Whole

Use : Cooking

Style : Dried

Cultivation Type : Common

Features : Easy to Cook, Good in Taste

Indian cooking is incomplete without the addition of Indian spices like black pepper; fenugreek seeds, cardamom, etc. Indian spices not only add flavor but also have several health benefits. Almost all Indian spices can be drily roasted to help release essential oil that intensifies their flavor profile. Indian spices can be added to the variety of dishes like sweet, savory dishes and desserts to help it make them more flavourful. Indian spices also help prevent many chronic diseases and common ailments. These spices are a common ingredient in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicine.

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Black Mustard Seeds

Calories : 508/100gms

Total Fat : 36g/100gms

Sodium : 13mg/100gms

Potassium : 738mg/100gms

Total Carbohydrate : 28g/100gms

Fenugreek Seeds

Calories : 323/100gms

Total Fat : 6g/100gms

Sodium : 67mg/100gms

Potassium : 770mg/100gms

Total Carbohydrate : 58g/100gms

Yellow Mustard Seeds

Use : Animal Feed, Cooking

Total Fat : 6g/100gms

Sodium : 67mg/100gms

Potassium : 770mg/100gms

Total Carbohydrate : 58g/100gms

Agro seeds or agricultural seeds are basic seeds that belong to any domesticated grass or cereal. Seeds are the main parts of every plant consisting of an embryo and seed coat. Seeds are of mainly two types, which are Monocotyledonous Seed and Dicotyledonous Seed. Agro seeds are commonly recognized as the ones that are used mostly in agricultural fields. These seeds are mainly of grass, cereal, fiber, oil plants, etc. In this aspect, it is important to mention the process of seed multiplication. The process of seed multiplication is mainly accessed by the government or at times, different seed manufacturers.

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Barley Seeds

Style : Dried

Calories : 354/100gms

Total Fat : 2.3g/100gms

Sodium : 12mg/100gms

Potassium : 432mg/100gms

Indian Hulled Barley Seeds

Type : Hulled

Style : Dried

Cultivation Type : Organic

Variety : Hulled Barley

Form : Seeds

Wheat Seeds

Use : Beverage, Flour

Style : Dried

Cultivation Type : Natural

Shelf Life : 3-4 Months

Form : Seeds

Barley Husk

Grade Standard : Feed Grade

Form : Husk

Color : Brown

Moisture : 5-7%

Fine Wheat Flour

Use : Cooking

Cultivation Type : Natural

Shelf Life: 3-4 Months

Feature : Good for Health

Packaging Size : 10-20 Kg

Wheat Bran

Use : Bakery products, Cookies, Cooking

Cultivation Type : Natural

Shelf Life : 3-4 Months

Color : Brown-Yellow

Part : Food Grains

Sesame Seeds

Scientific Name : Sesamum Indicum

Calories : 573/100gms

Total Fat : 50 g/100gms

Sodium : 11mg/100gms

Potassium : 48mg/100gms